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​We make The Shard our new London home

20 March, 2018

Recently, the Company has seen extensive expansion into vast and different areas of the UK than ever before with Employment at its highest level to date. This has lead to the need for Birkenhaus to move its Central London HQ from its former home of 207 Regent Street to Floor 24 of The Shard in Borough, London.

The Shard is an amazing spectacle that has recently transformed the London skyline by becoming (arguably) the tallest Building in Western Europe with Birkenhaus taking up residence on the 24th Floor of this 55,000 square metres of vertical Office space in the heart of London.

With amazing views stretching along the cityscape, The Shard also contains three Restaurants, a Hotel and Spa with a three storey viewing platform at the tip of the building.

Owners of Birkenhaus; Jak and Chris have been using the space for informal Staff training events and interviews since late 2016 and secured the prominent status of Resident for Birkenhaus earlier this week, helping establish Birkenhaus as a Premium Brand for all of their UK Clients.

It’s foreseen that the three year lease of Offices at The Shard will assist in providing Birkenhaus with further developmental potential and make the Brands owned by Birkenhaus to be one of the most respected and sought after in the UK.

Brands such as the dominant UK Brand ‘Apollo Wales’ is expected to receive a further boost with thanks to this move and its expansion of sub-brand ‘Apollo London/Apollo Group’ as a result of pre-booked Clients and interest gained from existing tenants and Leaseholders at The Shard.

The recently launched success ‘Quick Staff’ is also anticipated to closely follow in the success of service provider success ‘Apollo Wales’ through the move to The Shard by moving from a purely Cardiff based Agency provider to a National Brand within 24 months and being solely based at The Shard and Cardiff Bay.

Birkenhaus Technologies will also begin production of its latest App based software from The Shard when production shifts from Cardiff Bay in late May, 2018 with its intended launch being in the Autumn of the same year.

Commenting on the move, Chief Executive Chris J. Birch noted that ‘the Company [Birkenhaus] has undergone a high profile series of changes and expansions and we’ve been incredibly fortunate to create and advance on opportunities without treading on the toes of Competitors. The move to The Shard will help us in solidifying this methodology and allow us to progress further in London and the East of England than ever before’. Jak Bjornstrom echoed this by commenting that ‘we’re incredibly excited to see this company grow and grow and become a premium brand that offers value and quality to every business we meet’.

The move to The Shard will be complete within the next few days with a small gathering of key staff and London Clients to share in the Companies new expansion.

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Quality Accounting with Fixed Fees based in Cardiff

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