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A Christmas Chat Part IV: Chris

21 December, 2017

This Christmas at The Apollo Group, we thought we’d dedicate our Christmas News Posts to telling you a little more about the small Team of dedicated Staff that run the day to day operations at Apollo HQ in Cardiff Bay and London.

Today, we chatted with Chris, our CEO.

Tell us who you are, where you're from and what you did before joining the Company?

Okay, my name’s Chris and I’m CEO of The Apollo Group including Apollo Wales. Before getting this mammoth started, I worked at a Bank, an Insurance Company, a Hair Salon and right at the beginning, I worked at a corner store in my home town of Bargoed.

What drew you to our Company?

I’ve helped so many other people begin their own Company when working as a Business Manager and following redundancy after redundancy, I thought this was the time to do something different to avoid potential redundancies in the future. Apollo Wales is both Jak and my creation and we’ve grown it to incredible heights since beginning a mere three years ago.

What's your current role within the Company and have you always done that since joining?

I’d guess my role changes from day to day. At the moment, I’ve adopted a Mentoring capacity to help our Office Team succeed whilst maintaining a mostly ‘New Business Development’ role with a little HR thrown in for good measure! It hasn’t always been that way though; initially I was a Cleaner when the Company first formed and once our second or third contract came in, I started to step away from Cleaning to assist in keeping the work for the staff we had joining us. (I do still clean from time to time though, so I guess my job role is pretty standard in the Entrepreneur world).

What's the most unusual day you've had since joining the Company?

A bit of a random question but okay! There’s been a few. I guess the most unusual, as in, different from the norm would be pinned in a corner by two staff shooting me with laser guns on our Christmas Party earlier this month. Before that, I guess it’d be picking up filled rat traps in a ‘hotel’ kitchen when we were just getting Apollo started.

Where are you based and what Customers would be likely to contact you?

I’m mostly based in Cardiff at ApolloHQ but endeavour to hit the London Office at least twice monthly. Other than that, you’ll find me roaming the streets checking in on Staff and Clients and making improvements wherever I can.

I’d guess you could give me a call on 02920 100 004 or 0207 866 2217 but as I’m not always in either Offices, you’re welcome to Email me on chrisjbirch@apollomail.co.uk or just pop in for a chat!

What's the best part of your day when working at the Company?

I guess its a little cheesy, but its Christmas so I don’t care! I get a lot of satisfaction from seeing our Staff succeed and enjoy their job. We get so many staff come to us from other Companies who’ve not been trained, not progressed and basically, left to their own devices and as a result, been unhappy and left. I love the look on their faces when they know they’ll be trained, taught the things they sometimes missed in school, progressed to Management and given the chance to really succeed without having to give anything back other than doing a great job.

I love that part of my day and its such a big part of this Company to see our Staff succeed. Happy Staff means a Happy Client!!

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