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Quality Accounting with Fixed Fees based in Cardiff

How we Help

We give you back your time, so you can spend it doing what you love; growing your Company

Do you know

  • How much corporation tax do you owe now?
  • How much VAT have you incurred to date in the current quarter?
  • How much Personal tax have you incurred this year to date?
  • How much would it cost you to take on a staff member and set them up?
  • What’s your turnover this month? How does it compare to last month? How does it compare to your averages?
  • Is your cash flow positive?
  • What’s your gross profit margin?
  • What’s your net profit margin?
  • Finally, what are your profits since starting until today?

A Great Accountant will tell you all this. We’ll tell you all this and help you improve it.


We integrate every part of your Companies finances. It’s faster, more efficient and gives you real time figures so you know exactly where you stand.

With the best information, you make the best decisions. With great advice and support, you’ll have the ability to dive in and make every day a Success story.


You’ll register with one of our Team who’ll pop out to see you. Once the formal part is out of the way, we get to work on pulling all of your documents together to create a digital platform that, together, we can access.

You’ll then be given a dedicated number for your Accountant and we’ll arrange next months meeting to see how your Company is progressing. This meeting is vital to ensuring you get the most from your service and it’s the best chance to ask any questions. We can arrange this anytime from 8am to 8pm so it doesn’t affect your work day.

When it’s payday, we’ll send all payments for authorisation by you, then we’ll send payments for you if you’d like too.

Quality Accounting with Fixed Fees based in Cardiff
Quality Accounting with Fixed Fees based in Cardiff


The service is an end to end finance function you get:

  • Bookkeeping (recording of transactions and reconciliation of the bank.)
  • Payment runs precompiled and awaiting your signature before they are paid.
  • Monthly payroll for up to 5 staff (over 5 staff is charged at £4.00 per staff member.)ersonal tax have you incurred this year to date?
  • An app and email address to forward all purchase invoices to (expense authorisation is charged at £3.00 per staff member.)
  • Monthly management reports and a meeting with your Management Accountant.
  • 6-month review of performance (Quarterly reviews are available at a cost.)
  • Annual Accounts.
  • Company Tax Return.
  • Confirmation Statement.

The Cost

£0 - £70,000 = £120.00
£70,000 - £100,000 = £167.00
£100,000 - £150,000 = £197.00
£150,000 - £200,000 = £267.00
£200,000 - £275,000 = £327.00
£275,000 - £325,000 = £367.00

(Prices exclude VAT)

XERO Payroll Certified
IAB Member in Practice
XERO Migration Certified

Registered Address:
Britannia House
Caerphilly Business Park
CF83 3GG

TEL 02921202170

MOBILE 07824466111

Quality Accounting with Fixed Fees based in Cardiff

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